COVER*UP! Spa Cover Lift

The Universal Cover Lift Mounting System

Deck Mount

Side Mount

Engineered for either spa side or deck mount, the advanced-design COVER UP! utilizes "forward fulcrum theory" to assist lift and maintain a safe, low arc of cover travel. This advanced design, along with exacting tolerances, allows for ease of installation on the widest variety of spas.

Easy Installation
The COVER UP! is the quickest and easiest cover lifter to install.

Quality Built
Powder coated, light weight aluminum and zinc plated steel provides trouble-free operation. This advanced design, with exacting tolerances, restricts flexing while allowing for ease of installation on the widest variety of spas.

The strength of the COVER UP! components still prove to be the most effective, affordable system available. The UV protected, prismatic powder applied to each piece, extends the life of this rust inhibiting T-6 aluminum and galvanized steel product, while refracting sunlight.

The most significant, aspect of COVER UP! is the "VersaMount"™, a universal deck/cabinet mounting bracket. This strong bracket is versatile enough to be attached to the cabinet or fastened to the deck, to allow for a wider range of spa shapes and sizes. This versatile mounting system works with most most spa applications up to 8 feet in dimension . This unique and versatile mounting system accommodates virtually any spa up to 8 feet wide (a variety of deck, pedestal and cabinet mounts are shown in the installation video). Now Octagonal and Round spa shapes, as well as spas with bowed sides are easily accommodated!  If mounting to the spa itself is not practical, simply use the same universal mount to attach to your deck.  It's that easy!

The "VersaMount"™ is fitted with small, powerful torsion springs to assist the cover on and off the spa. With this Torsion Spring System, the COVER-UP! is less reliant on safety cables for slowing the momentum of the cover, thereby averting careless cabinet damage, or cable failure. With this Torsion Spring System, putting the cover back on the spa can be done with only one finger! The Torsion Spring System also reduces the shock loads to the cabinet imposed by "less than careful" cover removal. This helps protect both cover and the spa.


Protect your COVER and your BACK!
Spa Cover Lifter


Installation / Operating requirements and limitations

rear clearance side clearance spa shape limitations mounting location spa corner shape limitations type of lift assistance min. [max.]cover width
18" 5" none deck or spa side none spring assist  

See the complete Cover Lift Configurater to compare all cover lifters side by side.

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