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It's time to sit in the hot tub and relax. But you like the jets in the corner and your spouse likes the lounger. You know what happens next - you have to determine which side of the hot tub will be uncovered and which side the cover will rest on. You bought a whole tub but you only use half of it. The problem is finding the right place to put the hot tub cover so that it doesn't pick up the grass clippings from the lawn you just finished mowing.

The Cover Keeper™ provides a simple solution to your storage problem. Simply fold the cover in half and then flip it out of the way onto the storage brackets. A buckle strap keeps it securely in place while the spa cover itself adds extra privacy while you relax.

There's even a pull strap that makes closing the cover easier than ever. Finally, a convenient place to store your cover as well as added privacy and ease of use. What could be simpler. What could be better.

The Cover Keeper is offered in many different styles to accomodate almost all shapes of spas.

(for rectangular or soft radius-edged covers)

round kit
(for round covers)

octagon kit
(for octagon covers)

flush mounted kit
(for flush mounted covers)

How It's Better

Quality Construction
The Cover Keeper is made with quality hot-rolled steel construction and then powder coated in a gray finish to prevent rust. It includes mounting instructions and all the necessary hardware for easy installation.

Compact Storage Design
Because the hot tub cover is stored in an upright position, it requires very little extra space, unlike some other cover holders. This makes the Cover Keeper ideal for use even if the spa is located near a wall or fence. A folded cover in the upright/resting position usually takes no more than 6 to 14 inches of space behind the side of the tub itself.

Safety Straps
Once the cover is resting on the storage brackets, the safety straps hold it securely in place. A quick-release buckle makes locking and unlocking the straps easy. The strap itself adjusts to the size of your tub.

Added Privacy
Because the cover rests in an upright position, it provides additional privacy while you are in the tub.

Pull Strap For Easier Closing
Everyone would like it to be a bit easier to handle the cover while closing it. Our pull strap does just that. It allows one person to easily bring the cover back into place from its resting point on the brackets all the way to the closed position.

Accommodates Any Style
We offer different styles of the Cover Keeper to best accommodate the many different shapes of today's hot tubs, spas and covers.

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