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The unique design of the Covermate I allows the spa cover to be easily removed and stored in the open position. The spa cover stands approximately half way above the spa lip, while requiring as little as 10 " clearance behind the spa.
With Covermate I, removing the spa cover from the inside or outside of the spa requires very little strength or effort. The Covermate I is designed to not flex or torque when being operated from outside the spa.
The Covermate I's 12 point, 14" mounting system provides extreme strength

Remove that bulky spa cover effortlessly. The CoverMate I handles spa covers with ease! The placement location of the supporting brackets allow you to "park" the lid in the open position to provide a wind or privacy screen. Requires a 12" clearance behind the spa. Will accomodate covers up to 96".

In addition to the standard CoverMate1, there are two specialty versions for specific spa brands. One for Sundance/Sweetwater Spas and another for Arctic Spas. These two variations are designed to accomodate the unique wood skirting of these brands of spas.

There's also the Wide CoverMate1 for covers over 8' in width (up to 8"), and the Extended Bracket CoverMate1 for spas with radius corners over 10" or cut corners over 14".

Installed on a Bullfrog brand spa, these pictrues show the Covermate 1 with the special "extended mounting brackets" for spas with rounded corners that are a radius over 10".

Shown here is the specialized mounting bracket, specific to Sundance/Sweetwater brand spas. This particular style is designed to accommodate the unique style of both their synthetic and wood cabinets.


Installation / Operating requirements and limitations

rear clearance side clearance spa shape limitations mounting location spa corner shape limitations type of lift assistance min. [max.]cover width
12" for least obstructed view. 10" min. 4" not for round skirted spas side only requires "extended bracket" if radiused corners over 10" or cut corners over 14" fulcrum 72" (60" if  trimed) [96"]

See the complete Cover Lift Configurater to compare all cover lifters side by side.

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